can help you relax and de-stress. Pediatrics. 25 Weighted Blanket Benefits But that’s the whole reason why such specialty blankets exist in the first place. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. If you are a healthy adult, there is little risk of trying one, other than to your wallet, as they start around $100. Invented and made in America since 1998. Therefore it is unlikely that intermittent use of a weighted blanket at night A STUDY focused around the benefits of 30-pound weight blankets found that participants who wrapped themselves in … Can’t sleep? We also take a look at what size weighted blanket you should get and how to choose the right one. Below, we’ll dive into the benefits of weighted blankets, how they work, and what health conditions they We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. The weighted blanket uses the principles of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) or Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) to improve relaxation. 17 Weighted Blanket Benefits (According to Science) Because weighted blankets are a form of deep pressure therapy, they provide many of the same benefits, including an increase in serotonin, a reduction in heart rate, and much more. The nervous system reacts to stressful situations naturally, by inducing its “alert” state, which produces anxiety and stress. Blankets are often referred to as “comfort objects” by child psychologists—that is, an item used to ease frustration or anxiety at times of stress., An older study by psychologist and security object expert Richard Passman, now retired from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, found that approximately 60% of children are attached to a toy, blanket, or pacifier during the first three years of life., More recent studies have examined adult attachment to transitional objects, such as blankets and stuffed animals. Weighted blankets for adults have been recommended due to a variety of purported benefits. People who have trouble falling (or staying!) The even pressure is said to imitate “deep pressure touch stimulation.” This deep pressure touch has a … What do sleep experts think about weighted blanket benefits? A weighted blanket might be the perfect addition to your bedroom. But it’s not just for people on the autism spectrum. If you're seeking relief from a medical condition, talk to a doctor first, and before getting a weighted blanket for your child, be sure to check with their pediatrician. At Layla, we love weighted blankets so much we created our own. 2008;24(1):65-89. doi:10.1300/j004v24n01_05, Chen H-Y, Tang H, Meng L-F, Chan P-Y S, Yang C-Y, Chen H-M. Effect of deep pressure input on parasympathetic system in patients with wisdom tooth surgery. Using a weighted blanket to apply gentle pressure to the body helps to naturally relax the nervous system and induce restful sleep. Price: No matter what your budget is, there's a weighted blanket out there for you. When a person lacks the needed duration and quality of sleep, it can … Weighted Blanket Health Benefits From aches to allergies, many ailments can keep you up at night. Sometimes they are recommended for those with ADHD. Remission, a score of seven or "When used the way they're supposed to, [weighted blankets] are very safe," says May-Benson. While there is no conclusive evidence that weighted blankets are effective for the treatment of any health condition, they are popular with many people due to the comfort they provide. J Pers Disord. One of the primary uses of a weighted blanket is for the treatment of anxiety. Overview of Assistive Technology for Autism. weight gain. J Genet Psychol. If you had a long day at work or you're just feeling anxious in general, then cuddling up on the couch with a weighted blanket (while watching Netflix!) Our Textiles Lab experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute evaluated weighted blankets and says that because the blankets are filled with tiny beads (often made of glass, plastic, or sand), cozying up with one can feel like a firm hug without anyone actually touching you. As a general rule, a weighted blanket should be 10% of an adult person’s body weight, according to most manufacturers’ websites. This is the primary benefit of weighted blankets and one that many people have […] 2014;134(2):298-306. doi:10.1542/peds.2013-4285, Hvolby A, Bilenberg N. Use of ball blanket in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder sleeping problems. Thanks to their added weight, they offer tons of benefits which makes them the ultimate sleeping tool for everyone. Reduces anxiety and restlessness. Stress happens to everyone, and you don’t have to have a chronic stress … 2015;2(3):1022. A study published in Pediatrics involving 67 children with ASD found that the use of a weighted blanket did not help them fall asleep significantly faster, sleep for a longer period of time, or awaken less often.. Weighted blankets typically need to be at least 10 percent of an individual’s body weight, plus one to two pounds. Most research on weighted blankets and insomnia has focused on their use in children with clinical disorders, such as ASD, as discussed below. What Do I Do If My Child Has Separation Anxiety? If you or your child has autism, anxiety or a sensory processing disorder, your doctor or occupational therapist may have recommended a weighted blanket as a way to help manage the symptoms. This could trigger feelings of anxiousness, thus negating all the benefits a weighted blanket is supposed to provide. Manufacturers of weighted blankets claim that the pressure of the blanket on a person’s body has a therapeutic, calming effect. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Harvard Health. Understanding the stress response. 2012;26(2):179-91. doi:10.1521/pedi.2012.26.2.179. Learn how gravity blankets can aid anxiety and promote total well being. Weighted Blanket Fabrics Affiliate Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other sources. Bradfield H. The psychology behind weighted blankets: Why and how they work. Most weighted blankets just have machine-washable covers (not inserts), so you don't have to worry about breaking your washing machine by throwing an entire 15-pound blanket in it. Furthermore, the effect of this additional stimuli is a sense of calmness and security, like when you’re hugging someone. Buying a weighted blanket for adults has the potential to up your sleep game and more. Weight: Weighted blankets are generally available in weights ranging from 10 to 20 pounds. Weighted blankets may offer many benefits to the user. A weighted blanket isn’t just for bedtime — it can be used to create a more relaxing experience when you’re winding down on the couch or even on a Zoom call. Past research … There are many blog posts advising on the benefits of weighted blankets and how they can help with anxiety and stress. According to a study, the deep touch pressure provided by this blanket is quite helpful in serving as a calming tool for anxiety [6] . J Clin Sleep Med. Pappas S. Even grown-ups need security blankets. Then, the user’s brain, sensing this pressure, secrete serotonin. Benefits of Weighted Blankets Insomnia One of the most significant ways calming blankets improve overall quality of life and promote wellness is by decreasing the symptoms and effects of insomnia. ChildrensMD. If you’re in the market for a heavy blanket with a soft feel, you’re in the right place.a soft feel, you’re in the right place. One tool to promote better sleep is a weighted blanket, but the benefits go beyond sleep. However, the potential Benefits of Buying Weighted Blankets for Your Kids. The science behind using a weighted blanket is a well-known and proven relaxation therapy that is frequently used for people with stress and anxiety. Whilst it is great if you or your child experience benefits from using a weighted blanket, please don’t be disheartened if you do not. It is important to note that, despite positive findings in several of these studies, they are limited by their small size, short duration, and/or lack of diverse subjects. Beyond mental health benefits, the weighted blankets have primarily come under the spotlight because of how much they can also benefit people with sleep problems. A good night’s sleep can be elusive at times. "When used the way they're supposed to, [weighted blankets] are very safe," says May-Benson. Used by occupational therapists for years, weighted blankets provide a deep pressure touch that’s similar in nature to a gentle massage. The benefits associated with weighted blankets are gained through using one, and don’t necessarily provide long lasting effects after the blanket is removed. The benefits of using a weighted blanket cover a wide range of sleep disorders as well as sensory processing disorders. Impeccably soft & filled with small beads or beans, these blankets create a soothing pressure on the body. "This blanket feels like you're receiving the most comforting hug without feeling constrained and hot," one Amazon reviewer wrote about the YnM weighted blanket. 2020;74(2):7402205010p1-7402205010p14. Don’t want to pop a sleeping pill? Weighted blankets can also alleviate the symptoms in people suffering from chronic pain conditions and insomnia. Using a weighted blanket in therapy is called, Weighted Blanket Therapy. Updated October 27, 2020. Final Thoughts A weighted blanket has a filling that makes it heavier than traditional blankets and provides a pressure to the user’s... A weighted blanket should be about 10 percent of the user’s body weight so if you weight 150 pounds, a 15 pound blanket... More studies are needed, but a … Exploring the safety and therapeutic effects of deep pressure stimulation using a weighted blanket. In the earliest of those studies, published in 2008 in the journal Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, researchers asked 33 adults to rest under 30-lb. The Good Housekeeping Institute's experts say they shouldn't be used by anyone who can't move freely under the weight — the general rule of thumb is to go for 10% of your body weight, so someone who weights 150 pounds should get a 15-pound weighted blanket. The first thing to consider is that are very beneficial if you … Further research on the benefits of weighted blankets is needed in all of these therapeutic areas. We dive into what the research says and what kind of benefits an adult can expect from using a weighted blanket. A 2004 report that surveyed occupational therapists on their experience using weighted vests found that: “Although the interviewees observed some different behavioral changes in children with various developmental disorders when these children used weighted vests, their practice patterns in using the vests were … The weight varies based on who the intended user is and size of the blanket. People with certain health conditions should also avoid weighted blankets. added to account for weight loss or gain over the useful life of the blanket. Research indicates the potential positive effects of weighted blanket use for reducing anxiety, lowering physiological indicators of stress (blood pressure, pulse rate), positive calming effects, and impacts on sleep time and behavior. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder classified by difficulty falling and staying asleep. A lot of … Even older children with developmental disabilities or delays may be at risk of suffocation. Schaaf RC, Benevides T, Mailloux Z, Faller P, Hunt J, van Hooydonk E, Freeman R, Leiby B, Sendecki J, Kelly D. An intervention for sensory difficulties in children with autism: a randomized trial. Do weighted blankets work for adults? Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. 2011;65(2):89-94. doi:10.3109/08039488.2010.501868, Ekholm B, Spulber S, Adler M. A randomized controlled study of weighted chain blankets for insomnia in psychiatric disorders. Adult Weighted Blankets For Insomnia One of the primary benefits of the adult weighted blanket is reducing insomnia.The deep touch pressure stimulation “grounds” the body. When the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, it releases endorphins, the “happy hormones’” that instill feelings of calm. J Autism Dev Disord. Occup Ther Ment Health. Weighted blankets are surging in popularity thanks to their ability to relieve stress and improve sleep. asleep at night often find that using weighted blankets helps improve their sleep. In replicating DPS, a weighted blanket creates a similar sort of effect, akin to being cocooned in your favorite duvet on a cold winter night, knowing you are protected from the outside world.. Weighted blanket benefits True to the name, these are heavy blankets (usually from 10 to 25 pounds total) filled with pellets that help distribute weight evenly across your body while you sleep. Guidelines For Weighted Blankets – How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be For Adults? She says that's why most brands' blankets will have a bit smaller dimensions than your typical twin- or king-size comforter. Weighted blankets are also used to help autistic people sleep better because a common symptom are sleep and anxiety issues . In one study using a non-clinical community sample of 80 participants, researchers found that people who reported intense attachments to objects were significantly more likely to meet the criteria for borderline personality disorder than those who did not; they also reported more childhood trauma.. It is said to … Helps you fall asleep faster — Most people know what it’s like to toss and turn at night just waiting to fall asleep. Weighted blankets became extremely popular a couple years ago thanks to the Gravity Blanket on Kickstarter, and consumers swear by the blankets' calming effects. 1 – Weighted blankets help kids (& adults) with anxiety or stress. Learn more. Weighted blankets aim to simulate the same therapeutic effects of a security blanket by intensifying the sensation of being held, stroked, cuddled, or squeezed. it is recommended that you choose a weighted blanket size based on the body weight of the person in … In addition, a weighted blanket may also be unsuitable for those people who are claustrophobic, as it may cause anxiety rather than ease it. I love the feeling of the weight on it, this is why when I lived in Michigan I always loved late fall and winter. Weighted blankets help to calm and reduce anxiety. Using a weighted blanket feels like being hugged, which can trigger the production of serotonin and oxytocin (the “love hormone”) that makes you feel good and less stressed. Grounding helped reduce cortisol production in participants during sleep and alleviated insomnia, stress, and pain., Another study involving the use of a 30-pound weighted blanket with a sample of 32 adults of which 63% reported lower anxiety after use., A 2016 study, believed to be the first one investigating the effect of deep pressure stimulation during wisdom tooth extraction, examined heart rate variability and anxiety in healthy adults using weighted blankets while undergoing the procedure. Weighted blankets can offer the feeling of … J Formos Med Assoc. Nearly 60% of weighted blanket users had a positive response with a decrease of 50% or more in their ISI score from the baseline to the four-week endpoint, compared with 5.4% of the control group. Amazon's Choice, the YnM weighted blanket, is just $65 for a 15-pound blanket. The benefits of a weighted blanket for adults are said to include: Deeper sleep Reduced anxiety Increased relaxation These benefits may As with children with ASD, many children with ADHD have sleep disturbances, such as trouble falling asleep and waking up several times throughout the night. Hi, my name is Larry! Magic Weighted Blanket is the World's First Weighted Blanket! FYI: You might be wondering if weighted blankets are safe. If you have sleep apnea, breathing problems, or any chronic health condition, check with your doctor before you use a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets—avoid a tragic mistake. It’s typically used in helping alleviate the symptoms of autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, as well as depression. "With a weighted blanket, I notice that I sleep more deeply and don't wake up in the middle of the night as often," says Sachs. Nord J Psychiatry. It looks and feels high quality, while the 6.8kg blanket was just the right weight for our testers. These include chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and obstructive sleep apnea. Even if you don't have an anxietydisorder, occupational therapists say you'll probably still notice that you feel good under a weighted blanket. A sense of calm is necessary to drift off to sleep. Weighted blankets make it feel like someone's holding you without having to actually be near anyone. J Altern Complement Med. They found that 33 percent showed a greater drop in skin conductance — a measure of arousal that is based on miniscule differences in the amount of sweat on the skin — with a weighted blanket t… Created to mimic the benefits of deep touch pressure therapy, weighted blankets have been shown to help ease anxiety, increase oxytocin in the brain and help individuals with sensory processing … Individuals with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can experience some alleviation of stress with the DTP of the weighted blanket. Martta Kelly has been writing about a variety of health and wellness topics for more than a decade. “Research shows that weighted blankets can help with better relaxation and sleep, two things that are critical to overall health,” says wellness expert Jamie Hess of NYCfitfam . The weighted blanket works by what is called “pressure therapy.” First, the blanket exerts pressure on the user’s body. What do sleep experts think about weighted blanket benefits? Weighted blankets, however, should not be used for toddlers under age 2, as it may pose a suffocation risk. Weighted Blanket Benefits: A weighted blanket, or gravity blanket, is one of the tools that psychiatry and therapy clinics use for their patients. By providing deep pressure touch, weighted blankets can promote relaxation and help break this cycle. That's why weighted blankets have been used by occupational therapists for far longer than most realize. can help you relax and de-stress. Four studies have focused on weighted blankets. But the average person can also benefit from a weighted blanket on their bed — here's how. A developmental survey of young children's attachments to inanimate objects. Known by various names, it is commonly referred to as deep pressure stimulation (DPS). 1. The heavy blanket could cover a child’s face while they sleep. However, the study was biased in that it was conducted by a blanket manufacturer and had design limitations, such as the lack of a control group., A systematic literature review, which evaluated eight studies, concluded that while weighted blankets have the potential to be beneficial in limited settings and populations, and may be an appropriate therapeutic tool in reducing anxiety, there is not enough evidence to suggest that they are beneficial in alleviating insomnia., Children with ASD sleep poorly compared with their peers. With over 50 fabrics to choose from, 8 sizes, and the ability to make almost any custom size, it … October 10, 2010, Passman RH, Halonen JS. Both sizes offer decent heft to deliver the benefits of a weighted blanket without making you feel excessively Weighted blankets make it easier to relax so that you can get the rest you need. Weighted blankets are used by Occupational Therapists to help calm or comfort restless or stressed individuals. The release of serotonin and associated endorphins can promote a calm and relaxed state, promoting sleep and leaving the … A weighted blanket may not work for everyone, because everyone is different. Read our, Medically reviewed by Jonathan B. Jassey, DO, Verywell Health uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. A small study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicated that grounding the human body while sleeping is an effective way to synchronize cortisol secretion with its natural, 24-hour circadian rhythms, especially in women. Weighted Blanket Benefits You Need to Know Although the heavy weighted blanket has been around for years, it is only lately that people see its non-medicinal, potential value when it comes to improving their sleep. "Deep touch pressure is one of the primary kinds of sensory information that is calming and organizing to our sensory nervous system," says Teresa May-Benson, occupational therapist and executive director of the Spiral Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education on sensory integration. J Formos Med Assoc. Ackerley R, Badre G, Olausson H. Positive effects of a weighted blanket on insomnia. In … According to research, the application of deep pressure, provided by a weighted vest or blanket, can produce a calming or relaxing effect in children with certain clinical conditions who have sensory processing disorder.. If you had a long day at work or you're just feeling anxious in general, then cuddling up on the couch with a weighted blanket (while watching Netflix!) Vests, lap pads, shoulder pads, blankets and animal shapes are all readily available for purchase. Be it from the lack of warmth that one typical blanket offers or the relaxing weight that several provide. Researchers found that weighted chain blankets are an effective and safe intervention for insomnia in patients with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders.. Weighted blanket use: A systematic review. Although there have been studies on the benefits of massage therapy for osteoarthritis and chronic pain, there is currently no evidence that weighted blankets are effective in the treatment of these conditions. While research on weighted blankets is sparse, deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties, researchers say. The benefits of weighted blankets go beyond helping you get a good night's sleep. Fights Back Against Stress. Am J Occup Ther. Mattress brand Simba also has its own weighted blanket, which performed best overall in our tests. Weighted blankets are commonly recommended for individuals with autism. Like most new things, resting under weight can take a little getting used to, but the right weighted blanket should condition your mind and body to a new, better way of sleeping in no time. Benefits Of Weighted Blankets Although the potential benefits of weighted blankets have not been studied extensively, there have been several claims of promising results. Other guidelines include:, Young children should never be left unsupervised with a weighted blanket, particularly those made for an adult.. The basic premise behind weighted blanket benefits is the power of deep pressure touch stimulation. Here are the benefits of using a weighted blanket: Reduces stress and anxiety. A weighted blanket, which is commonly referred to as gravity blanket, is often used by occupational therapists for patients during sensory integration therapy. These difficulties can make ordinary situations overwhelming, can interfere with daily living, and even isolate individuals and their families. Weighted blankets may help adults and children with sensory processing disorder feel calmer and more relaxed. Persons with this disorder have difficulty processing sensory information such as textures, sounds, smells, tastes, brightness, and movement. For a 30- to 70-pound child, a small weighted blanket should weigh from 5 to 8 pounds. A Swedish study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders concluded that the use of weighted blankets had a positive impact on sleep, both objectively and subjectively, where a number of physiological and behavioral measures were improved in a cohort of 31 adults. So, a 150-pound person would need a weighted blanket that is between 15-18 pounds. Unlike children with ASD, however, weighted blankets proved useful in some instances in children with ADHD who had difficulty sleeping. And now, it has become more readily available, outside of a clinical setting, to anyone who needs help with improving their sleep or treating certain sensory issues that they may have. 2016;138(5):e20162940 doi:10.1542/peds.2016-2940. We've talked in the past about what such a blanket is and even looked at some of our favorite models, such as the chiliBlanket. J Sleep Med Disord. ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 lbs(60''x80'', Queen Size, Grey), Cooled Weighted Blanket for Adults, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, Gift for Your Loved View on Amazon More Info Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. While using a weighted blanket to treat agitation and anxiety in persons with dementia may sound unconventional, this recommendation is backed by science. It helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. If you feel that buying a weighted blanket for you is the right solution, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience, especially if it’s the right one & bought keeping all the guidelines in view. Sensory integration therapy uses activities in ways designed to change how the brain reacts to various stimuli., Applying deep pressure has been shown to beneficial for children with high levels of anxiety or arousal due to sensory overload. By using Verywell Health, you accept our, Anxiety During Certain Medical Procedures, How Stay-at-Home Orders Are Affecting Our Health, The 11 Best Gifts for People with Anxiety of 2020, 20 Ways to Help a Child With Autism to Stay Calm or Manage Meltdowns. Overall Focus Improvements. But These blankets come in different sizes and weights, and can be used by kids and adults to increase a sense of calm in their daily lives. Over time, however, elevated cortisol levels in response to non-threatening situations can have a negative impact on a person's physical and mental health, leading to anxiety and depression..

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